Sunday, May 15, 2011

Glass Houses

Rachel Caine
Morganville vampires:
*Glass Houses
             *The Dead girls' dance
 *Midnight Alley
*Feast of fools
*Lord of misrule
*Carpe Corpus
*Fade out
*Kiss of death
*Ghost town
*Bite club

Welcome to Morganville, Texas!
Do not be outside and after dark ...
Morganville is a small university town in the heart of Texas, full of strange characters ... some even evil.
When Claire moves from campus  in one of the oldest houses in town, she discovers that  the people who she shares the house with do not give too many signs of life. However, they will protect Claire when some of the  most guarded secrets will come to light, greedy for fresh blood.

My review: I bought this book after I read a small extract and I was attracted by the fact that Claire was hated by some girls in the university, a thing that isn't always revealed in books, because the characters are adored by everyone but their enemies. The books have become such as the movies this days. They offer the reader the perfect ending so he would forget his oun problems and start living a fake reality that will never happen.
Also, I loved that Rachel Caine chose not to romanticise vampires such as 99% of the book writers.Another thing that I liked about Claire was that she is a lot like me(or I am a lot like her) and that she wished to have the guts to say something that will close the bad girl's mouth. I sometimes wish that I could say something that will just be the end of the conversation, but somehow, the mean girls have a special talent of saying something  that will make you cry in the next 10 seconds.
She wasn't accepted at first in the Glass Houses because she was to small, fact that I've always hated. Being surrouded by older people who have the impresion that they are smarter and superior just because they have been alive for a longer amount of time. She was underestimated because of her age.
The name of the house wich is Michael's last name and also is a glass house wich protects you, exacly what the house did for the people who lived there,I thought it was a pretty cool idea.
I was reading this book in my religion class at school(ironicly, huh? )  And I somehow couldn't stop reading, so one of my  classmates tryed talking to me the whole hour, but I couldn't (And still can't )remember a word of what she said, but she still has the impression that I know the whole story. :)
The author made me like the characters and she made me like Amelie, (I have a problem because I tend to like people a bit to much and start talking and talking about things that the person doesn't want to hear) who is definetly one of the persons that will just stop you if she doesn't want to hear anymore. She had the superior thing that all the leaders have, the thing that makes you be respectful, but also start dreading that you aren't the one to tell the person what to do.
The characters were really well modeled and really well made after reality, so that everything would be very credible.(Talling about credible vampires) But it just seemed real.
Shane had a great and very rare talent, he could get in trouble easily. No efort. Really unlucky the people that get in trouble without thinking, because they want the best for others. He permanently has a problem.
Also Claire and Eve are always chased bz vampires, but they never have a problem when they run  to get home.
At the middle of the book we find out something about Michael that I really didn't expect.
Conclusion: I liked the idea of a small town that is runed by evil vampires that somehow manage to make the humans belive that they are nice. A whole society created in a very creative and realistic way. From time to time I wanted to skip some parts to get to the action.

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