Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Summoning

Kelley Armstrong
Darkest powers:
*The summoning
                                          *The awakening
                                          *The reckoning
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        "Chloe Saunders sees dead people. Yes, like in the films. The problem is, in real life saying you see ghosts gets you a one-way ticket to the psych ward. And at 15, all Chloe wants to do is fit in at school and maybe get a boy to notice her. But when a particularly violent ghost haunts her, she gets noticed for all the wrong reasons. Her seemingly crazed behaviour earns her a trip to Lyle House, a centre for disturbed teens.
       At first Chloe is determined to keep her head down. But then her room mate disappears after confessing she has a poltergeist, and some of the other patients also seem to be manifesting paranormal behaviour. Could that be a coincidence? Or is Lyle House not quite what it seems…? Chloe realizes that if she doesn’t uncover the truth, she could be destined for a lifetime in a psychiatric hospital. Or could her fate be even worse…? Can she trust her fellow students, and does she dare reveal her dark secrets? "

My review : I read this book about a year ago. I went into a library with my best friend and we were looking at the newest books as usual. I read the first part and it seemed cool.
          I liked the way it is written. There are a lot of details and Chloe's way of thinking is really easy to understand.
          There are 3 things that I liked about this book :
          1) Chloe really belives that she has mental problems at first.
          2) The fact that the Lyle house was not what it seemed.
          3) The idea of the repeated scenes(rezidual as they call them ) after a death.- A death that is so horrible that it is repeated over and over again in the same place like a movie-
          Chloe was able to see ghosts(real ones)when she was a small girl. But after one of them scares her at school(she was 15) she is sent to the Lyle house-a place that isn't quite what it should be- where a series of weird things happen because of her oversized powers.
          She finds out that she can bring the dead to life and that she can talk to ghosts.
    I was annoyed because we never find out very much about her necklace wich seems to be very important.  
Conclusion : I loved this series. Kelley Armstrong is a great writer and here characters are great. I loved the situation twists.

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